Betsy Bruns and Dog

I created Vegsetter to help empower you to lead with a compassion based, fork over knife approach to your health. Vegsetter offers evidence-based nutritional workshops, interactive cooking demos, EFT Tapping, energy work and personal coaching. A journey in healing in which you’ll experience more peace, purpose and vitality. We will incorporate energetic and nutritional practices as potential alternatives or additions to prescription medications. Let’s reclaim your passion and confidence, while upregulating genes that help prevent illness and down regulating genes that cause dis-ease.

My epic midlife transformation started in 2016. After 20 good and successful years in aviation, I left. There was a succession plan and lots of kumbaya, but I was about to set out on a course that wasn’t completely mapped to pursue a calling. It had been brewing for years but started unexpectedly on New Year’s morning 2012. After watching a movie in which animals were being treated horribly, my desire to eat meat vanished. There were many pivots up to this point, but on that morning, a switch flipped in my brain. It was so sudden, I wasn’t sure how to process or explain it. So, like any logical person would do, I announced to my husband I was going on a cleanse (not unusual on New Year’s Day, when millions are boarding the crazy diet train). It gave me breathing room to think and process.

My learning continued. I was now on a quest and my next epiphany was that the hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, GMO’s and saturated fat in industrialized eggs and dairy were far from healthy. I had an insatiable desire to learn more about the science and psychology of nutrition and health. This naturally (excuse the pun) led me to enroll in a Holistic Health Coach certification program from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Now I can go into all the details around Betsy Bruns’ journey to certified health coach and EFT Tapping practitioner, but the truth is the “about me” page should be less about me and more about you. Besides, that gives you a reason to head over to my blog to learn more about the journey that brought me here.