Welcome To Vegsetter!

During my mid-forties, I was heading into menopause, was restless, unfulfilled, not really happy. It didn’t make sense to me. On paper my life looked good: a supportive husband who is my best friend, a long and successful career with a dynamic company, great family and friends, lots of travel and adventure. What was up with me?

I was starting to ask a lot of questions and looking for answers when a very non-descript happening started me down a path of colossal transformation. January 1, 2012, I watched a movie. By the end of that movie, I knew I would never knowingly eat meat again. I could no longer contribute to the suffering and misery caused by factory farming. Now what?

Just one flash point. Something that clicked in my soul led to a cascade of changes. Massive study, trial and error to figure out how to feed myself. Eventual removal of all animal products and addition of more greens and whole plant foods, which led to greater sense of peace, awareness, clarity and spiritual evolution. My health soared, but my sister and mother, whom I spent lots of energy watching over and caring for, dealt with life threatening heart disease, diabetes, debilitating arthritis, fibromyalgia and food addictions. That’s the short list. It got longer and fatal in the ensuing years.

That’s when I knew. It’s the food. The food they’re eating is killing them. The food I am now eating is bringing me back to flourishing. Back to me. And if I can experience such a transformation, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t you?Wouldn’t most people? I knew I wanted to assist in the transformation process. To help others prevent or reverse disease, guide them through menopause, to help them feel better, live better and perform better. To flourish. I knew I needed more tools, so I earned my Health Coach certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and eventually sunset my corporate career of 20 years. Although I am trained in over 100 dietary theories and in many integrative health and coaching practices, I continue to study plant-based nutrition and concur with the massive and mounting scientific evidence out there: a whole food plant-based diet is a path to vibrant health and healing.

You’ll hear a lot of conflicting information about what to eat, what not to eat, how to cook or not cook it, but what you will never hear is that you need to eat less vegetables. In every study, every “diet”, every lifestyle overhaul you know of, you are encouraged to eat more of them. A recent CDC study found that 91% of Americans don’t meet the minimum recommendations for vegetable consumption. Here are some really sobering statistics:

  • Two thirds of Americans are overweight
  • One in three will die of heart disease
  • In the coming years, one in three Americans might have diabetes
  • By age 10, most American kids have fatty streaks in their arteries


These are food born conditions resulting from SAD (The Standard American Diet). From a health and lifestyle perspective, this nations health is a plane-wreck. But we can fix this. Change can be uncomfortable. It can be intimidating, confusing and just plain no fun. Eating more plant foods, eating less processed and animal foods can seem overwhelming, maybe even sad. Plus, we have busy lives with lots of competition for our time and energy. Who has time to cook?

I’ve spent years working through the same concerns and obstacles. Feeling out of place in the kitchen, navigating the struggles of a global sales manager for a legacy airline, looking for healthy options in airports, restaurants, corporate meetings and in foreign countries. In hindsight, the beginning was tough, but is much easier with preparation and the right tools. I am here to show you how, but in less time and with less effort. And more fun! I really enjoy plant-based food and want you to experience for yourself that healthy, sustainable and compassionate eating can be as delicious as the food that is making you sick. So let’s “set” more “veg” on your plate and watch your life flourish & soar!